• Universal Androot

    Universal Androot: 1-Click Root for Nexus One, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, Motorola Milestone, Motorola Droid & Dell Streak

    General Androot is another answer for Android attaching which enables you to root your Android telephone with only a single tick. All you require is to introduce Universal Androot application and it will do the rest for you. With Universal Androot, you can root Google Nexus One, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, Motorola Milestone, Motorola Droid, Dell Streak and numerous other Android telephones.


    All in all, what are the advantages of establishing your gadget? As a matter of first importance it gives you finish access to the documents arrangement of Android OS with the goal that you can introduce applications which require root get to and evacuate undesirable stock applications to spare RAM. In addition you can undoubtedly take screenshot of your gadget without introducing the Android SDK and stopping your gadget to your PC.

    Right now Universal Androot can't root a portion of the new Android cell phones like HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S however it can without much of a stretch root the accompanying Android telephones with only a single tick. Download universal androot apk

    Upheld Devices:

    »Google Nexus One (2.2)

    »Google G1 (1.6)

    »HTC Hero (2.1)

    »HTC Magic (1.5) (Select Do not introduce Superuser)

    »HTC Tattoo (1.6)

    »Dell Streak (2.1)

    »Motorola Milestone (2.1)

    »Motorola XT701

    »Motorola XT800 (2.1)

    »Motorola ME511

    »Motorola Charm

    »Motorola Droid (2.01/2.1/2.2 with FRG01B)

    »Sony Ericsson X10 (1.6)

    »Sony Ericsson X10 Mini (1.6)

    »Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro (1.6)

    »Acer Liquid (2.1)

    »Acer beTouch E400 (2.1)

    »Samsung Galaxy Beam

    »Samsung cosmic system 5 (gt-i5500)

    »Vibo A688 (1.6)

    »Lenovo Lephone (1.6)

    »LG GT540 (1.6)

    »Gigabyte GSmart G1305

    Not Supported:

    »Google Nexus One (2.2 FRG33)

    »Samsung i9000/i6500U/i7500/i5700

    »Motorola ME600/ME501/MB300/CLIQ XT

    »Motorola 2.2 FRG22D

    »Archos 5

    »HuaWei U8220

    »HTC Desire/Legend/Wildfire (Soft Root)

    »HTC EVO 4G/Aria

    »SonyEricsson X10i R2BA020

    »myTouch Slide

    Many individuals are occupied with pulling their gadget for some reason, however are exhausted of cabling up and complaining about with different bits of programming and drivers and so forth. Gratefully, for most gadgets in any event, there is a basic, on-gadget arrangement that does not require downloading much else besides a basic, simple to utilize application.

    Enter Universal Androot, which is by a wide margin one of the least difficult ways I have seen to root one's gadget. The interface gives you a checkbox choice to play out a "Delicate Root", which will just last until the point that you reboot your gadget, and additionally a single tick answer for both establishing and unrooting the gadget.

    Proceed after the break for a full rundown of formally (and informally) upheld gadgets, and also a download interface.

    Formally bolstered gadgets from the engineers:

    Google Nexus One (2.2)

    Google G1 (1.6)

    HTC Hero (2.1)

    HTC Magic (1.5) (Select Do not introduce Superuser)

    HTC Tattoo (1.6)

    Dell Streak (2.1)

    Motorola Milestone (2.1)

    Motorola XT701

    Motorola XT800 (2.1)

    Motorola ME511

    Motorola Droid (2.01/2.1/2.2 with FRG01B)

    Sony Ericsson X10 (1.6)

    Sony Ericsson X10 Mini (1.6)

    Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro (1.6)

    Acer Liquid (2.1)

    Acer beTouch E400 (2.1)

    Samsung Galaxy Beam

    Vibo A688 (1.6)

    Lenovo Lephone (1.6)

    LG GT540 (1.6)

    Gigabyte GSmart G1305

    Gadgets which clients have detailed work with this application:

    Nexus One 2.2

    Breakthrough 2.1

    Saint 2.1

    Xperia X10 smaller than expected

    Xperia X10i

    G1 1.6

    Enchantment 32A 1.5

    Enchantment 32B 1.6

    Mytouch 3G (3.5mm)

    Mytouch 3G Slide (v1.6.1 appears to put the telephone into reboot circle)

    LG Ally

    Droid X

    Moto Charm

    Kyocera ZIO

    Gadgets which may work, however which clients can utilize unrEVOked if not:

    EVO 4G






    Gadgets which won't work:

    Samsung i9000/i6500U/i7500/i5700

    Motorola ME600/ME501/MB300/CLIQ XT

    Motorola 2.2 FRG22D

    Archos 5

    HuaWei U8220

    HTC Desire/Legend/Wildfire (Soft Root)

    HTC EVO 4G/Aria

    SonyEricsson X10i R2BA020

    myTouch Slide